Figure 3.7

Projected changes in the number of hot days (NHD; 10% warmest days) at 1.5°C (left) and at 2°C (middle) of global warming compared to the pre-industrial period (1861–1880), and the difference between 1.5°C and 2°C of warming (right).

Cross-hatching highlights areas where at least two-thirds of the models agree on the sign of change as a measure of robustness (18 or more out of 26). The underlying methodology and the data basis are the same as for Figure 3.2 (see Supplementary Material 3.SM.2 for more details). Differences compared to 1°C global warming are provided in the Supplementary Material 3.SM.2.

Original Creation for this Report using CMIP5 multi-model ensemble output data.