Special Report: Special Report on Climate Change and Land
Ch 01

Framing and Context

Coordinating Lead Authors

  • Almut Arneth (Germany)
  • Fatima Denton (The Gambia)

Lead Authors

  • Fahmuddin AGUS (Indonesia)
  • Aziz Elbehri (Morocco)
  • Karlheinz ERB (Italy)
  • Balgis OSMAN-ELASHA (Sudan)
  • Mohammad RAHIMI (Iran)
  • Mark Rounsevell (United Kingdom, Germany)
  • Adrian SPENCE (Jamaica)
  • Riccardo VALENTINI (Italy)

Review Editors

  • Edvin ALDRIAN (Indonesia)
  • Bruce MCCARL (United States)
  • María José SÁNZ SÁNCHEZ (Spain)

Land–Climate interactions