Figure 4.13

Figure 4.13 | Overview of the main cascading effects of sea level rise (SLR). Styles and colours of lines (left hand side: light/dark blue; right hand side: dotted/non dotted and orange/green/dark yellow/purple/turquoise) and boxes are used only for the readability of the figure. Sea level hazards are discussed in Section 4.2. The various impacts listed in this figure are discussed in the sections below: Submergence of land and enhanced flooding (; Erosion of land and beaches (; Salinisation (; Loss of and changes in ecosystems (; Loss of land and land uses (; Loss of ecosystems services (; Damage to people and to the built environment (,, and; Damages to human activities ( Non-climate anthropogenic drivers are discussed in Section 4.3.2 and other climate-related drivers are notably discussed in Section 5.2.1 and 5.2.2.