Figure 6.10

Figure 6.10 | Infographic on teleconnections and impacts due to Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) collapse or substantial weakening. Changes in circulation have multiple impacts around the Atlantic Basin, but also include remote impacts in Asia and Antarctica. Reductions in AMOC lead to an excess of heat in the South Atlantic, leading to increased flooding, methane emissions and drought, and a concomitant negative impact on food production and human systems. In the North Atlantic region hurricane frequency is decreased on the western side of the basin, but storminess increases in the east. Marine and terrestrial ecosystems, including food production, are impacted while sea level rise (SLR) is seen on both sides of the Atlantic. The arrows indicate the direction of the change associated with each icon and is put on its right. An assessment of the confidence level in the understanding of the processes at play is indicated below each arrow.