Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report

A Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is finalizing its Sixth Assessment cycle, during which the IPCC has produced the Assessment reports of its three Working Groups, three Special Reports, a refinement to the Methodology Report and the Synthesis report.  The Synthesis Report (SYR) is the last of the Sixth Assessment Report products, finalized in March 2023,  in time to inform the 2023 Global Stocktake by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  as mandated by Decision 1/CP.21 .

2023 is when countries will review progress towards the Paris Agreement goals, including the goal of keeping global warming to well below 2°C while pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. The Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) provides an overview of the state of knowledge on the science of climate change, emphasizing new results since the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) in 2014. It is fully based on the reports of the three Working Groups of the IPCC, as well as on the three Special Reports on Global Warming of 1.5°C, on Climate Change and Land, and on the Ocean and the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. It provides an integrated view of climate change as the final part of the Sixth Assessment Report. The Synthesis Report consists of  the Summary for Policymakers and  a Longer Report. It will be published as a stand-alone publication in the six official UN languages.

IPCC Procedures for the preparation, review, adoption and approval of the SYR can be found here. The SYR outline was agreed at the 52nd Panel Session of the IPCC in February 2020.


Since the IPCC was created in 1988, there have been 6 Synthesis Reports:

The AR6 Synthesis Report is based on the three Working Group contributions to the AR6  as well as on the three Special Reports prepared in this assessment cycle.  

Special Report

Climate Change and Land

August 2019
Special Report

Global Warming of 1.5°C

October 2018
Synthesis Report

AR5 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2014

October 2014
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To support the Synthesis Report writing process, the SYR TSU organizes various meetings including Core Writing Team meetings. The Core Writing Team (CWT) is the group of authors who are preparing the Synthesis Report. The IPCC Bureau at its 58th Session in May 2020 selected the members of CWT from the author teams of the three IPCC Working Groups and the three Special Reports, reflecting balance in geographical distribution, gender, and representative of a range of expertise. The list of 30 Core Writing Team authors and 9 Review Editors can be found here. The CWT also includes  the Chair, the IPCC Vice-Chairs, the Working Group Co-Chairs, the heads of the Working Group and Synthesis Report Technical Support Units, and the Secretary of the IPCC.

Lead Author Meetings

Informal meetings on the AR6 Synthesis Report

September 1, 2020


Press Release

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March 2023
Media Advisory

Live stream of IPCC press conference to launch the Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report

14.00 CET on 20 March 2023 INTERLAKEN (SWITZERLAND), March 18 – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will hold …

March 2023
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March 2023
Media Advisory

Media interviews with IPCC authors of the Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report

Deadline closed. All inquiries should be sent to interviews@ipcc-ch. GENEVA, March 08 – Authors and Bureau Members of the Intergovernmental …

March 2023
Media Advisory

Opening of the media registration for the release of the IPCC´s Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report

Updated on 14 March 2023 to extend the registration deadline to midnight CET on Thursday 16 March 2023. Updated on …

February 2023
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IPCC Chair

The IPCC Chair leads the Core Writing Team.

Hoesung Lee

IPCC Chair

TSU Staff

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the Synthesis Report of the AR6 is mandated to plan and manage the writing process of the SYR, including arranging author meetings, assisting the author team while drafting the SYR, ensuring quality control of the SYR and ensuring compliance with the IPCC Processes and Procedures and Panel decisions. The TSU SYR is established under the responsibility of the Chair of the IPCC. The SYR TSU is located in Seoul, Republic of Korea and financially supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea.

José Romero

Head of SYR TSU (Based in Switzerland)

Jinmi Kim

Director of Administration (Based in Republic of Korea)
Korea, Republic of

Erik F. Haites

Science Officer (Based in Canada)

Yonghun Jung

Senior Scientist (Based in Republic of Korea)
Korea, Republic of

Robert Stavins

Science Advisor to the IPCC Chair and SYR TSU (Based in USA)
United States of America

Arlene Birt

Graphics Officer
United States of America

Meeyoung Ha

Graphics Officer
Korea, Republic of

Dan Jezreel A. Orendain

Operations Officer

Lance Ignon

Communication Specialist
United States of America

Semin Park

Korea, Republic of

Scientific Steering Committee

At the 58th Session of the Bureau (Electronic session, 19-20 May 2020), the Chair established a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) for the Synthesis Report (SYR) of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) to support the development of the SYR. The SYR SSC comprises the whole IPCC Bureau, excluding those members who serve as Review Editors to the SYR.


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