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IPCC has been made aware of various correspondences, being circulated via e-mail, from Internet Web sites, and via regular mail or facsimile, falsely stating that they are issued by, or in association with, IPCC and/or its officials. These scams, which may seek to obtain money and/or in many cases personal details from the recipients of such correspondence, are fraudulent.

IPCC wishes to warn the public at large about these fraudulent activities being perpetrated purportedly in the name of the organization and/or its officials, and would appreciate your bringing suspect communications to its attention.

Please note that:

  • As a rule, IPCC does not charge registration fees for conferences or meetings except for selected events
  • IPCC never asks for money for recruitment
  • IPCC does not offer prizes, awards or funds to individuals through e-mail, mail or fax, outside of official communication channels through the Focal Points of its Members with IPCC
  • IPCC never conducts lotteries

IPCC strongly recommends that the recipients of solicitations such as those described above exercise extreme caution in respect of such solicitations. Victims of such scams may also report them to their local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, letter or telephone communication purportedly from, for or on behalf of IPCC and/or its officials, please contact the IPCC Secretariat, e-mail: IPCC-Sec@wmo.int, before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence.