Guidance note – The concept of risk in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: a summary of cross Working Group discussions

The concept of risk is a key aspect of how the IPCC assesses and communicates to decision-makers the potential adverse impacts of, and response options to, climate change. The use of the concept of risk has not been fully consistent across Working Groups or between assessment cycles, given that the concept itself and its use by IPCC has continued to evolve.

Since the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC, cross-Working Group efforts have been put in place to develop a consistent risk framing throughout the subsequent products of IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Cycle (AR6).

The purpose of this guidance note is to promote a more consistent and transparent application of the concept of risk across Working Groups in the sixth assessment cycle and to provide the foundation for its use and possible further evolution in future assessment cycles.

Read PDF file here (updated on 15/02/2021).