Informal meetings on the AR6 Synthesis Report

The Technical Support Unit of the AR6 Synthesis Report (SYR) organized a series of informal preliminary virtual meetings to kick-start its work on the SYR in the last quarter of 2020

Adapting to the challenges of a world of lockdowns and social distancing, the Core Writing Team of the AR6 SYR met for the first time as a group in a series of informal preliminary virtual activities in September, October and November 2020,  to kick-start the SYR process in a timely fashion and set things up for a successful the First Core Writing Team meeting.

The purpose of these informal virtual meetings was for the members of the CWT to meet and interact at an early stage of the SYR process, and start building a SYR identity. It also provided an opportunity for the CWT to familiarize themselves with the Panel-agreed outline of the SYR.

These informal virtual meetings laid strong foundations before entering the formal drafting phase that started at CWT-1. CWT-1 took place from 25th to 29th January 2021.