WGI Training on Data and Software Development

This training activity will help familiarise WGI with the resources that have been or are being put in place for authors of the WGI report – in particular the use of ‘virtual machine’ accounts at ESGF nodes / DDC servers (CEDA-UK and DKRZ-Germany) that are available for authors to do server side analysis of CMIP6 data, and then best practices to develop common software for chapter figures through GitHub and the ESMValTool.

The objective is to run this as an initial ’train-the-trainer’ activity and then support authors at large through webinar- or web-based activities, or within-chapter support activities. An indicative overview of the content is:

• Structure and content of the CMIP6 archive;
• Exploring the archive using ESGF search;
• Access via the ESGF portal, climate4impact.eu, Pangeo;
• Servers at CEDA and DKRZ: access to machines, access to data, pre-installed software, libraries, installing project software;
• Development of chapter figure scripts (GitHub, ESMVal).
• Hands on testing: uploading and running analysis packages, accessing CMIP6 datasets
• Documenting data and script use in the AR6

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May 22, 2019
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