Bart van den Hurk

Co-Chair, Working Group II


Prof Bart van den Hurk was elected Co-Chair of Working Group II  for the seventh assessment cycle in July 2023. An expert in the field of weather and climate information, he is currently the Scientific Director at Deltares, Delft in The Netherlands. Prior to that, he spent about 23 years at the Dutch Meteorological Institute, working on climate change scenarios, land-atmosphere interaction, and leading a research team on weather and climate modelling. He is a Professor in the field of Interaction between climate and the socio-ecological system at VU University Amsterdam. He was a Lead Author of the Sixth Assessment Report. He coordinated European research projects on soil moisture data assimilation, climate services for the water sector, and the effects of global climate features on European socio-economic impacts. He joined international expert teams on land-atmosphere interaction, the development of storylines to communicate climate change information, the analysis of compound events, and the application of forecast-based financing of preventive disaster relief measures in developing countries.