Ladislaus Chang’a

IPCC Vice-Chair


Meteorologist, Climate and Climate Change Expert, Dr. Ladislaus B. Chang’a was elected IPCC Vice-Chair in July 2023.

He has been working in the area of Climate, Meteorology and Climate Change since 1995. He has a wide range of experience in climate services including in climate observation and monitoring, climate data processing and analysis, weather forecasting, seasonal climate prediction, generation of climate information and products and in climate data management. He has participated in several research and project activities related to climate services, climate variability and climate change, and the role of Indigenous Knowledge in climate forecasting and climate change adaptation.

Dr. Chang’a has participated in the preparation of National Communication to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), preparation of the National Climate Change Strategies and National Climate Change Communication Strategies, and review of the IPCC reports (AR4 and AR5, AR6).

He has computer skills and knowledge including programming language and statistical software such as FORTRAN and R. He has participated in a number of climate change projects and consultancy. His particular strength includes good leadership skills and experience in climate change negotiation, and in chairing climate change negotiation meetings at UNFCCC and IPCC.

Dr. Chang’a is also working as a Part-time Lecturer at the University of Dar Es Salaam, teaching Climatology, Climate Monitoring and Prediction for BSc students, and the Science of Climate Change for MSc students. He is actively involved in supervision and mentoring of BSc, MSc and PhD students.