Melinda Tignor

Head of TSU-Working Group II


+49 (0) 471 4831-2442

Melinda Tignor serves as Head of the IPCC Working Group II Technical Support Unit (WGII TSU. The Head of the WGII TSU develops and directs the activities of the WGII TSU and supports the WGII Co-Chairs and Bureau in the preparation and production of the WGII products through the scoping, drafting, review, approval/acceptance, and publication processes.

In addition, the Head of the WGII TSU participates in the IPCC Executive Committee as an advisory member, represents WGII on the IPCC Communications Action Team, supports WGII at meetings of the IPCC Financial Task Team as well as at IPCC Bureau and Panel Sessions.

Prior to joining the WGII TSU Melinda served as the Deputy Head and the Director of Operations for the Working Group I Technical Support Unit (WGI TSU) during the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report cycle, and as the Project Administrator for the WGI TSU during the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report cycle. Melinda has extensive experience with the IPCC process, having co-edited two assessment reports, two special reports, a technical paper, and numerous supporting materials during the previous two assessment cycles. Melinda holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.