Figure TS.8

(Upper) Global anthropogenic present-day emissions weighted by the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and the Global Temperature change Potential (GTP) for the chosen time horizons. Year 2008 (single-year pulse) emissions weighted by GWP, which is the global mean radiative forcing (RF) per unit mass emitted integrated over the indicated number of years relative to the forcing from CO2 emissions, and GTP which estimates the impact on global mean temperature based on the temporal evolution of both RF and cli- mate response per unit mass emitted relative to the impact of CO2 emissions. The units are ‘CO2 equivalents’, which reflects equivalence only in the impact parameter of the chosen metric (integrated RF over the chosen time horizon for GWP; temperature change at the chosen point in time for GTP), given as Pg(CO2)eq (left axis) and PgCeq (right axis). (Bottom) The Absolute GTP (AGTP) as a function of time multiplied by the present-day emissions of all compounds from the indicated sectors is used to estimate global mean temperature response (AGTP is the same as GTP, except is not normalized by the impact of CO2 emissions). There is little change in the relative values for the sectors over the 60 to 100-year time horizon. The effects of aerosol–cloud interactions and contrail-induced cirrus are not included in the upper panel. {Figures 8.32, 8.33}

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