Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1.1 | Do We Understand Climate Change Better Now Compared to When the IPCC Started?Download
FAQ 1.2 | Where Is Climate Change Most ApparentDownload
FAQ 1.3 | What Can Past Climate Teach Us About the FutureDownload

FAQ 2.1 | The Earth’s Temperature Has Varied Before. How Is the Current Warming Any DifferentDownload
FAQ 2.2 | What Is the Evidence for Climate ChangeDownload

FAQ 3.1 | How Do We Know Humans Are Responsible for Climate ChangeDownload
FAQ 3.2 | What is Natural Variability and How Has it Influenced Recent Climate ChangesDownload
FAQ 3.3 | Are Climate Models ImprovingDownload

FAQ 4.1 | How Will the Climate Change Over the Next Twenty YearsDownload
FAQ 4.2 | How Quickly Would We See the Effects of Reducing Carbon Dioxide EmissionsDownload
FAQ 4.3 | At a Given Level of Global Warming, What Are the Spatial Patterns of Climate ChangeDownload

FAQ 5.1 Is the Natural Removal of Carbon From the Atmosphere WeakeningDownload
FAQ 5.2 | Can Thawing Permafrost Substantially Increase Global WarmingDownload
FAQ 5.3 | Could Climate Change Be Reversed By Removing Carbon Dioxide From the AtmosphereDownload
FAQ 5.4 | What Are Carbon BudgetsDownload

FAQ 6.1 | What Are Short-lived Climate Forcers and How Do They Affect the ClimateDownload
FAQ 6.2 | What Are the Links Between Limiting Climate Change and Improving Air QualityDownload

FAQ 7.1 | What Is the Earth’s Energy Budget, and What Does It Tell Us About Climate ChangeDownload
FAQ 7.2 | What Is the Role of Clouds in a Warming ClimateDownload
FAQ 7.3 | What Is Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity and How Does It Relate to Future WarmingDownload

FAQ 8.1 | How Does Land Use Change Alter the Water CycleDownload
FAQ 8.2 | Will Floods Become More Severe or More Frequent as a Result of Climate ChangeDownload
FAQ 8.3 | What Causes Droughts, and Will Climate Change Make Them WorseDownload

FAQ 9.1 | Can Continued Melting of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets Be Reversed How Long Would It Take for Them to Grow BackDownload
FAQ 9.2 | How Much Will Sea Level Rise in the Next Few DecadesDownload
FAQ 9.3 | Will the Gulf Stream Shut DownDownload

FAQ 10.1 | How Can We Provide Useful Climate Information for Regional StakeholdersDownload
FAQ 10.2 | Why Are Cities Hotspots of Global WarmingDownload

FAQ 11.1 | How Do Changes In Climate Extremes Compare With Changes In Climate AveragesDownload
FAQ 11.2 | Will Unprecedented Extremes Occur as a Result Of Human-Induced Climate ChangeDownload
FAQ 11.3 | Did Climate Change Cause That Recent Extreme Event In My CountryDownload

FAQ 12.1 | What Is a Climatic Impact-driver (CID)Download
FAQ 12.2 | What Are Climatic Thresholds and Why Are They ImportantDownload
FAQ 12.3 | How Will Climate Change Affect the Regional Characteristics of a Climate HazardDownload

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