Interactive Atlas Regional Webinars

IPCC TG-Data Interactive Atlas Regional Webinars

The IPCC Task Group on Data Support for Climate Change Assessments (TG-Data) together with the Data Distribution Centre (DDC) are organizing an online webinar series focused on using IPCC Working Group I Interactive Atlas. The webinars are aimed at researchers and practitioners, and will be interactive sessions highlighting the data aspects of using the Interactive Atlas, including data availability and FAIR data principles, how to access and terms of use of data.

The objectives of these events will be:

  • Present the main results of the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.
  • Engage with the regional research practitioner community over specific regional domains.
  • Present the data availability with special emphasis on the Interactive Atlas (IA) providing regional information and synthesis (from the Technical Summary and the regional chapters 10-11-12-Atlas Chapters).

Schedule of Events

The following regional outreach events are planned so far:

Further regional events in this series are planned, please check back here for updates.


The Task Group on Data Support for Climate Change Assessments (TG-Data) together with the Data Distribution Centre (DDC) facilitates the availability and consistent use of climate change-related data and scenarios in support of the implementation of the IPCC’s programme of work. In the context of these objectives, TG-Data together with WGI have prepared the first formal outreach activity organized for AR6. This first package of outreach activities is linked to the outcomes of the WGI report that was released in August 2021. Technical support for the webinars is provided by CSIC-IFCA as part of the DDC activities.

Format and Further Details

Considering the current pandemic context, the training workshops will be organized in a virtual mode in the form of regional webinars.  A package of introductory material (videos) building on previous events (in particular the COP-26 IPCC regional events and the official launch of the Interactive Atlas) will be provided in advance as context information to set the ground for the webinar. The webinars are intended for practitioners and the research community (but also open to consultants and public sector representatives) and will focus on data aspects using the facilities of the IA. These events are envisioned as interactive sessions and require registration, although they could be also followed by streaming.

Regional webinar (1 hour)

  • Introductory session by the coordinators (5 mins).
  • Presentation of TG-Data, DDC and use of data FAIR protocols in AR6: General guidelines on how to access and terms of use of data and present the role of TG Data (20 mins)
  • Split into multilingual BOGs as needed
  • Interactive (hands-on) activity on the use of the Interactive Atlas. The group will separate into zoom BOG (in different languages) led by IPCC regional authors who will show the tools available at the Interactive Atlas (25 mins).
  • Q&As (10 mins)

An introductory package with pre-recorded videos is provided upon registration:

Introductory package provided upon registration (self-learning, 1 hour)

  • Introduction to the AR6 WGI assessment report and main findings (15 mins): by Valerie Masson-Delmotte (co-chair of IPCC WGI). Video recorded at the presentation of the IPCC Interactive Atlas; describing the IPCC work and the main results of WGI assessment report (global perspective).
  • Main regional results of the WGI assessment report (~20-30 mins): by regional IPCC teams, recorded at COP26 IPCC regional events and presenting the main results at the regional level.
  • Presentation of the IPCC Interactive Atlas (~15 mins): video available from the Interactive Atlas documentation. [Interactive Atlas documentation]