Working Group III Mitigation of Climate Change

WG III focuses on climate change mitigation, assessing methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.


IPCC opens second draft of Working Group III Sixth Assessment Report for government and expert review — GENEVA, Jan 4 – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), currently working on its next comprehensive report, the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), will open the draft Working Group III contribution for a second review by experts from 18 January to 14 March 2021.   The second order draft of the Read more

October deadline for the Second Order Draft of the IPCC Working Group III Report no longer feasible, report on first virtual Lead Author Meeting released — GENEVA, July 6 – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced that the October deadline for delivery of the Second Order Draft of the Working Group III Report contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which assesses the mitigation Read more

IPCC Working Group III holds first virtual Lead Author Meeting — GENEVA, April 9 – Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will work virtually on 14 to 19 April 2020 to advance their work on the Working Group III contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report. More than 270 experts Read more

Climate change mitigation involves actions that reduce the rate of climate change.

Climate change mitigation is achieved by limiting or preventing greenhouse gas emissions and by enhancing activities that remove these gases from the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases can come from a range of sources and climate mitigation can be applied across all sectors and activities. These include energy, transport, buildings, industry, waste management, agriculture, forestry, and other forms of land management.

Working Group III supports the IPCC’s solution-oriented approach but does not advocate any specific mitigation options. It takes both a near-term perspective relevant to decision-makers in government and the private sector and a long-term perspective that helps identify how high-level climate policy goals might be met. Working Group III addresses all aspects of mitigation including technical feasibility, cost and the enabling environments that would allow measures to be taken up. Enabling environments cover policy instruments, governance options and social acceptability. Synergies and trade-offs with adaptation measures are of increasing interest as are co-benefits, risks and links to sustainable development. To meet these needs, Working Group III is highly interdisciplinary in character.

Working Group III is led by two Co-Chairs, Jim Skea, based at Imperial College London, and PR Shukla, based at Ahmedabad University. They are supported by seven Vice-chairs from different regions who make up the Working Group III Bureau. Bureau members provide guidance to the Panel on the scientific and technical aspects of its work, advise on related management and strategic issues, and take decisions on specific issues such as the selection of authors and review editors. They also oversee scientific quality and engages with the wider scientific community, both regionally and globally The Co-chairs and Bureau are supported by the Working Group III Technical Support Unit which is co-located at Imperial College and Ahmedabad University.


Working Group III is responsible for one of the three reports that comprise the IPCC 6th Assessment, due in 2021. It will also contribute to the Synthesis Report that integrates the findings of the three Working Group reports. It is managing the production of the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, due in August 2019, and contributed to the scientific leadership of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C finalized in October 2018.

Special Report

Climate Change and Land

August 2019
Special Report

Global Warming of 1.5°C

October 2018
Working Group Report

TAR Climate Change 2001: Mitigation

July 2001
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Working Group III activities include the scoping of the IPCC reports which it manages and to which it contributes, selecting authors, and planning, organising and managing Lead Author Meetings. In April 2017, Working Group III organised an expert meeting on Mitigation, Sustainability and Climate Stabilization Scenarios which strongly influenced the subsequent scoping of the Sixth Assessment Report. Working Group III Bureau members and Technical Support Unit also regularly attend conferences, workshops and outreach events, to talk about the IPCC and engage with stakeholders globally.


Fifty-eighth Session of the IPCC

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October 31, 2021
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Joy Jacqueline Pereira

Co-Chair, Working Group III

Katherine Calvin

Co-Chair, Working Group III
United States of America



Malek Al Nory

Vice-Chair, Working Group III
Saudi Arabia

Eduardo Calvo Buendía

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

Jan Sigurd Fuglestvedt

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

Siir Kilkis

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

Oliver Geden

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

Gervais Isoua Madzous

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

Noureddine Yassaa

Vice-Chair, Working Group III

TSU Staff

The IPCC Working Group III Technical Support Unit (TSU) provides scientific, technical and organisational support to the Working Group Bureau. Together, the team brings a broad range of scientific, policy, operational and communication expertise to help the Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs in the preparation and production of IPCC products.


Roger Fradera

Head of TSU
United Kingdom


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