Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change
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  1. Technical Summary - 11.1MB
  2. Changes to the Underlying Scientific/Technical Assessment 0.12MB


  1. Introductory Chapter - 4.7MB
  2. Integrated Risk and Uncertainty Assessment of Climate Change Response Policies - 1.8MB
  3. Social, Economic and Ethical Concepts and Methods - 1.7MB
  4. Sustainable Development and Equity - 1.4MB
  5. Drivers, Trends and Mitigation - 7.1MB
  6. Assessing Transformation Pathways - 14.2MB
  7. Energy Systems - 7.9MB
  8. Transport - 4.7MB
  9. Buildings - 7.4MB
  10. Industry - 5.2MB
  11. Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) - 8.1MB
  12. Human Settlements, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning - 7.8MB
  13. International Cooperation:Agreements and Instruments - 2.0MB
  14. Regional Development and Cooperation - 5.2MB
  15. National and Sub-national Policies and Institutions - 1.5MB
  16. Cross-cutting Investment and Finance Issues - 1.5MB


  1. Glossary 0.6MB
  2. Metrics and Methodology 1.9MB
  3. Technology-specific cost and performance parameters 0.6MB
  1. Errata (May 2014)0.1MB
  2. Errata (September 2014)0.1MB
Disclaimer: The accepted Final Draft of the full Working Group III report, comprising the Technical Summary, and 16 Chapters and three annexes has been released online in unedited form.
The accepted Final Draft Report has to be read in conjunction with the document entitled "Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change. Working Group III Contribution to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report - Changes to the Underlying Scientific/Technical Assessment to ensure consistency with the approved Summary for Policymakers (XXXIX/Doc.17) and presented to the Panel at its Thirty-Ninth Session. This document lists the changes necessary to ensure consistency between the full Report and the Summary for Policymakers, which was approved line-by-line by Working Group III and accepted by the Panel at the above-mentioned Session.