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Figures: Technical Summary

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Box TS.1, Figure 1

Box TS.3, Figure 1

Box TS.4 Figure 1

Box TS.6, Figure 1

Box TS.13, Figure 1

Box TS.15, Figure 1

Figure TS.1

Figure TS.2

Figure TS.3

Figure TS.4

Figure TS.5

Figure TS.6

Figure TS.7

Figure TS.8

Figure TS.9

Figure TS.10 (abcd)

Figure TS.10 (ef)

Figure TS.11 (panel 1)

Figure TS.11 (panel 2)

Figure TS.11 (panel 3)

Figure TS.12

Figure TS.13

Figure TS.14

Figure TS.15

Figure TS.16

Figure TS.17

Figure TS.18

Figure TS.19

Figure TS.20

Figure TS.21

Figure TS.23

Figure TS.24

Figure TS.25

Figure TS.26

Figure TS.27

Figure TS.28

Figure TS.29

Figure TS.30

Figure TS.31

Figure TS.32